1. Does the Library have computers, wireless access  for use?

Yes, there are computers at every floor adjacent to the circulation desk for database search, preparation of assignments and internet browsing. Wi-Fi accessibility is available to whole library premises.

2. Is food and drink allowed in the Library?

No. there is no scope to take food and drinks inside the library premises.

3. Are there designated loud places and quiet spaces in the Library?

No, but there are quieter and louder places located throughout the Library depending on user need (individual users tend to prefer quiet; while groups congregating for study or socializing appreciate being able to converse normally). The Library recognizes the need for both. We simply encourage users to be respectful of others at all times. Please talk with a Library staff member if you have a question or concern.

4. Does the Library have group/study rooms?

Yes, the Library has a large group/study section on the fifth floor where approximately 100 users can accommodate at once.

5. How do I find out what books, journals, magazines, project report etc. are in the Library?

The entire collection is searchable via the library catalog, which is available on- or off-campus from the library homepage. Put your cursor on “Library Catalog” in search bar from the library homepage, then you can search by Keyword (default), Author, Title, subject, ISBN, etc. An item with a status “Available” in the Catalog should be available for check out from the shelves.To search books please go to the following link:


6. Can I hold any item?

You can also reserve an item by selecting ‘hold’ option through which you will enjoy priority to check out or borrow on those materials.  To hold a book you need to first log in with your Library ID & Password. Then you can "Place hold" on items which are already checked out to another.

7. Where to download e-books?

To download e-books please go the the following link. You need to login with your e-book identity and password to search or download e-books.


8. What do I need to borrow items from the Library?

Daffodil International University faculty, students and staff must present a valid library membership to check out library materials.

9. How long can I check out Library items?

Faculty members can check out total 7 books for one semester (120 days) Reference and continuing resources for 15 days, DVDs, and CDs for 5 days. Items can be renewed once if they are not on hold for other users. Students can check out 5 books for reading within the library, Project reports for 15 days, and audiovisual materials and magazines for 5 days. Items can be renewed once if they are not on hold for other users.

10. Where do I return Library items?

When the Library is open, please return items of any type to the respective Circulation Desk from where, you had borrow/check-out of that particular item.

11. How can I get an item that is currently checked out?

Place a hold on a checked-out item via the library catalog at the search page. When the item is returned the Library will contact you via email, and you may check out the item at the Circulation Desk using your ID. If you have any trouble placing a hold, please contact the Library.

12. Can you tell me who has an item that is currently checked out?

Librarians take patron privacy very seriously. Library records of patrons are private. Library staff cannot tell you who is using, or has used, a library item. Library staff cannot disclose who is using or has used a library item, or who has requested information on a particular topic, except to a person inquiring about their own record, or law enforcement officers with warrants for specific information.

13. What are the fines for overdue items? What happens if I fail to return an item checked out in my name?

The Library sends automated email notices when items are overdue but does not charge daily fines for overdue items. Faculty members and administrative personnel will be charged per day according to​ Library Policy against every item  (Except holidays).

14. What happens if an item checked out in my name is lost or damaged?

All items checked out to you are your responsibility until returned. If an item is lost or damaged, you must have replaced the item by the same as it was during the check-out. Your library account will be blocked until charges are paid. Outstanding Library charges, as with any other unresolved student fees, may prevent you from graduating, registering, transferring, receiving transcripts, withdrawing, or transferring credits to another institution.

15. I am a daffodil International University student in a graduate program. What do I have to do to submit my thesis to the Library?

The Library enters copies of all completed graduate student project papers/theses into its permanent collection. Students should submit their project paper/thesis to their supervisor and library will collect these from the supervisor and preserved at 3rd floor of the library.

16. How can I find out when a library item is due?

You can find the due date for any item by looking at its record in the catalog. By logging into your Library Account, you can see the due dates of items you have borrowed.

17. How many books may I have checked out at one time?

Please check the circulation rule.