Book Dropbox

A few notes about library book drops: 

  • This service allows users to return borrowed items ONLY after Library Hours.
  • The book Drop Box is emptied every day.
  • Items left in the drop box are considered returned when we open the drop box at the beginning of each working day.
  • Any borrowed items returned in the book drop box after the library is closed on the date due and before the opening of the Library on the next business day. will not be considered overdue. 
  • Overdue books and all non-printed library materials (e.g. DVD, CDs, etc.) must be returned at the Circulation desk of the library.
  • Any overdue materials returned will be subject to the regular fine for those materials
  • Do not force books into or leave them outside the Book Drop.

If you notice any discrepancies in your account, please call at Phone: 9138234-5, Ext: 149 or email